Alternative Products

What other products do Apex Marble and Granite offer?

While we may be known for our granite and quartz products, we do offer a wide variety of other high-quality and unique products for your home remodel or project.


You are likely very familiar with what laminate products can look and feel like. Oftentimes you may see laminate associated with more dated projects, but in the past couple of decades, the product has undergone a serious transformation. It is still widely used for commercial and residential projects in new and inventive ways. We urge you to revisit this surface option as technology has likely improved its variety and quality as a whole since the last time you considered using laminate products.

This budget-friendly and versatile countertop option may be exactly what you are looking for to finish off your home remodel with a flourish and design that matches every aesthetic.

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Solid Surface Materials

If you love the look and feel of granite and quartz but aren’t sure your project’s needs match those materials’ upkeeping needs and restrictions, solid surface materials could be your perfect replacement. Look-a-like patterns and designs coupled with high durability make this an attractive option for highly-trafficked spaces.

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