Laminate Materials

Laminate countertops are considered the go-to material for those on a budget, making them a great low-cost alternative to more expensive materials like granite, marble, and quartz. At one time, this low price was an indication of their comparative lack of quality when viewed next to natural stone options. A lot has changed over the decades in how laminates are designed and manufactured though, and now they can provide a great value for Triangle area customers to consider.

What are laminate countertops made of?

Manufactured composite materials sometimes feel less “pure” to consumers. This may just be down to the fact that the elements of the products are more of a mystery. Laminate’s components are fairly simple, however.

  • Paper: More than one of the layers in a laminate counter are comprised of paper. The paper undergoes processes to harden and protect it, but this is a natural product, not plastic or a chemical.
  • Resin: Other layers of the laminate are simple resins used to treat the paper and give the product its structure.
  • Design layer: Near the top of the laminate surface is a layer that gives it the color and texture desired.

Taking the mystery out of the various parts of this composite product often makes homeowners much more comfortable considering laminates as an option.

Advantages of laminate countertops

There are quite a few advantages of purchasing a laminate surface over other potentials. These include:

  • Price: Despite the quickly-improving quality and appearance of laminates, they can still be had at amazing bargains that are hard to overlook.
  • Ease of fabrication: Those designing and installing the countertop will be able to do so much quicker and more easily. This can eliminate extra labor costs, further lowering costs.
  • Invisible seams: With many materials, it’s nearly impossible to hide where one piece ends and another begins. Laminates have advanced to the point now of making these seams completely undetectable.
  • Endless color and style options: Granite and other natural options do not have quite as many possibilities for customization. They tend to be the color and texture that they are. Laminate though can be made in hundreds of colors and textures, many of which can mimic that of the more expensive stone options.

Apex Marble and Granite is a Triangle-area leader in laminate installation

Laminate, despite having undergone so many improvements, can still look cheap if it is not installed by professionals. Apex Marble and Granite is proud to serve Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina, Apex and the greater Triangle. We can be reached at  (919) 462-9202 and are happy to discuss laminate countertop options.