Solid Surface Materials

There are other products offered by Apex Marble and Granite in addition to the natural materials. Solid surface countertops are a manufactured alternative considered a very high-quality and attractive material.

DuPont introduced this concept in the mid-1960s with the name “Corian,” so that is often what people still call it today even though many other companies offer it now as well. The material itself is a composite of a number of ingredients, such as acrylic, epoxy and resins.

Benefits of solid surface countertops

An advantage of composite materials like “Corian” is they can be specifically designed to achieve certain goals. Solid surface products are often chosen because:

  • They are very durable and are able to hold up to heavy use.
  • They are easily and inexpensively repaired by professionals if they sustain damage.
  • They are highly customizable to quickly fit different size and space needs.
  • They have a gel coat surface which creates an impervious barrier to all manner of liquids and contaminants.

Appearance and styles

With all these practical advantages to solid surface products, it’s clear why they are a popular choice for many homeowners. Often the next thing the customer will inquire about is how the appearance stacks up to granite, marble, and quartz.

Despite being a composite, solid surface materials have a very attractive appearance. They are a bit more expensive than other manufactured materials, like laminate, but there is also an improvement in value and style that go along with this. Corian-type products can be made to mimic the appearance of any other style of countertop material and come in a variety of colors and styles).

Apex Marble and Granite can expertly design and install solid surface countertops

Those in and around Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding areas of the Triangle who are interested in solid surface counters can rely on Apex Marble and Granite. We’ve designed, installed and repaired these products for many years successfully and will be happy to discuss doing so for you. Give us a call at (919) 462-9202 to learn more.