Demi Bullnose Edge

As you remodel or renovate your Triangle area kitchen or bathroom, one decision you’ll be faced with is the right “edge profile” for your countertops. There are quite a number of variations to pick from and it’s not always clear to novice eyes what sets them apart. Much of it comes down to style, but there are also practical reasons to pick one over another.

Why pick a demi-bullnose edge profile?

One profile that causes some initial confusion with customers is the demi-bullnose edge. It’s not confusing because of any complicated design, but it has terminology that most probably aren’t familiar with. Bullnose profiles are a family of designs that add rounded corners to the edges of the counter. A half bullnose rounds only the top corner, while the full bullnose rounds both the top and bottom.

A demi bullnose is a variation on the half bullnose because it leaves the bottom corner flat and only rounds the top. The reason it is differentiated from the normal half bullnose profile is that it is given an oblong taper that adds a little extra style to the curve. People choose the demi-bullnose edge profile to have a unique, modern but sophisticated look that catches people’s attention. It is also a safe option since the shaper edge is rounded off entirely, making it less likely to bump heads and also less likely to be chipped.

Apex Marble and Granite can expertly apply a demi bullnose to your countertops

Those living in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding areas of the Triangle can trust Apex Marble and Granite to apply whatever edge profile, whether demi bullnose or another, to their counters. We’ve been at this a long time and have highly-trained expert installers ready for your job. To reach us, call (919) 462-9202 and we’ll get started immediately.