Eased Edge

The edge profile of a countertop refers to how the corners are shaped. This can have practical implications, like for cleaning, safety implications, if they are too sharp, and style implications. At Apex Marble and Granite we want to educate our customers on all the options they have available to them so they can make the best choice for their tastes and needs.

The “eased edge” profile

This edge profile style, sometimes called standard or flat, refers to an edge that does not have extensive design work like bevels or rounding. The reason it is called “eased” is because countertop manufacturers and installers want to make sure people know that the flat style of the edge is not sharp.

The corners appear as 90-degree angles but have been “eased” so it is not an entirely sharp edge. This is done partly as a safety concern because with some materials, like stone, if they are left sharp, they may cut the homeowner. Also, the thinner the edge, the more likely it is to be chipped as kitchen utensils make contact with that corner year after year.

Advantage of an eased edge

This flat look is natural and sophisticated and is often involved in upscale, “classic” kitchen and bathroom designs. In addition to the appearance, a flatter edge makes cleaning much easier. Crumbs can be wiped right off the counter rather than curving down a rounded edge.

Apex Marble and Granite can install beautiful eased edge profile counters

If you are after the classic look and have settled on an eased edge profile for your countertops, Apex Marble and Granite are ready to help bring that into reality. Residents of Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding areas of the Triangle can get started today by calling us at (919) 462-9202.