Half Bevel Edge

As you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom and are choosing countertops, one of many details you’ll be confronted with is what kind of “edge profile” you want. The edge profile describes the edge of a countertop and in what style it is finished.

Half bevel edge profiles

There are a number of ways to style a countertop edge. Possibly the most common way is to make a beveled cut along the top corner to eliminate the sharp corner. The beveled cut will instead create a flat, angled edge.

This beveled edge profile is often described as being a full bevel, half bevel or quarter bevel. This is a reference to the sharpness of the angle employed. A “beveled edge” is the longest slope, leaving a lot of flat edges. The half bevel is a happy medium between this and the quarter bevel, which only flattens the very tip of the corner.

What a half bevel edge profile expresses

Our customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding Triangle area have made the half bevel edge one of our most popular edge profiles. It is a timeless classic look, adding some style but without getting too complicated.

If you are considering what type of edge profile to get, the half bevel edge is one that most will not regret. Give Apex Marble and Granite a call at (919) 462-9202 to get more information about edge profiles and we can help you make a decision on what best fits your needs and style.