Quarter Bevel Edge

When installing your new countertop in your Triangle-area kitchen or bathroom, one of the many things to consider is the type of edge design you want. Each design expresses a different style and mood, however subtle.

Why consider quarter-bevel edge profiles

Quarter-bevel edge profiles are one of the more common you may want to consider. A bevel is a type of sideways cut used for decorative purposes. When applied to a countertop edge, a bevel takes the sharp edge away and flattens it. This can be done for a number of reasons:

  • Aesthetics: Some find the sharp edges of a counter to be boring or otherwise not aesthetically pleasing. Adding a special edge profile cut gives a more custom look.
  • Safety: A sharp edge can be more dangerous if children are around. Countertops are hard regardless, but if they are also sharp, a fall can be more likely to cause harm.
  • Preventing wear and tear: Edges stick out into the room, making them more likely to be hit by pots and pans and any number of other things in a kitchen or bathroom. To prevent chipping, it may be wise to lessen the sharpness of the edge angle with a bevel.

Quarter bevels compared to other bevels

In general, there are three levels of beveling applied to counter edges. The “beveled edge” is longer and flatter, leaving a lot of flat edges and less height. The quarter bevel is shorter and steeper, leaving a lot of the height behind. Half bevels are between the two.

The quarter bevel is a more formal look, but not as formal as the squared edge profile. It’s not quite as stuffy as other classic looks and it retains a level of class. This is a very common edge profile for bathroom counters and is well suited for kitchens as well.

Apex Marble and Granite can put the finishing touch on an edge profile

It’s often the details of a job that set it apart. Finding a countertop expert who not only knows each of the possible edge profiles but has extensive experience in mastering them is the key. Residents of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina, Apex and other Triangle towns can rely on Apex Marble and Granite to deliver impressive results. Call (919) 462-9202 to discuss your edge profile options with us.