Prefab vs Natural Stone: Which is better for your countertops?

Prefab vs Natural Stone: Is the More Expensive Alternative Really Better?

There is a debate as to whether a natural stone is better than engineered ones. When it comes to countertops is an age-old one that has been raging on for decades. Ever since fabricated countertops have come into existence, people have found themselves trying to determine which one is best. Some people cite that just because natural stone is more expensive, it is the better choice.

Does the higher cost of natural stone countertops indicate that they are the better option for your kitchen or bathroom? Is a more expensive option really better or is the cheaper alternative just as good?

Natural Stone Countertops and What You Get

When you choose natural stone, you are essentially choosing a product that is made by nature. It is then cut into the shape and size that you desire. With it come the many benefits and disadvantages that come with natural stone. The benefits that you can get with this option are uniformity in color, quality, and texture. Slabs that are cut from the same stone can guarantee that they will have the same look all throughout.

You will also get slabs that can be cut into the shape that you want and the edges can be customized into the kind of edge you want. Installation of such a material however will be somewhat costly. Any mistakes in the installation and cutting can also be very expensive. It may also leave you with mismatched pieces if you need to replace a damaged piece and the original slab is no longer available.

Prefab Stone Countertops and What You Get

Choosing prefab stone countertops made by laminate fabricators comes with a long list of advantages. Aside from being the cheaper alternative, you also have quite a selection to choose from. You can even find these in colors that don’t occur in nature.

Prefabricated stone countertops are a great choice if you are doing renovations or building a home on a tight budget. You get the look and feel of natural stone but without the high cost that comes with it. You will also find that installation is easier when it comes to the prefab options that you are presented with. This is because there is no need for specialists or masons to install these slabs in your kitchen or bathroom.

Quality Difference: Is There Really a Huge Disparity Between the Two?

People often mistake the low cost of prefab stone countertops as an indicator that it is of low quality. They cannot be more wrong. The reason why prefab stone countertops are cheaper than natural stone is that they can be manufactured using remnants and chips of natural stone slabs. The quality is essentially the same and sometimes even better.

Aside from getting a cheaper material for generally the same look, you also get lower installation costs. This means you can get the natural stone look you want. You then don’t have to pay a premium for a classic looking countertop. You can’t really distinguish between natural stone and manufactured stone countertop.

This means that paying the higher price does not necessarily give you the better quality and better-looking countertop you expect for what you shelled out. Of course, the quality of your prefab stone countertop is dependent on the manufacturer you choose. This is why it is important to choose one that has a reputation for quality in both fabrication and installation.

Who to Trust with Your Prefab Stone Countertop Needs

When you choose to have prefabricated stone countertops installed in your home, you have to find a reputable fabricator and installer to ensure the utmost quality. In Morrisville, NC, the company to choose is Apex Marble and Granite. We are a company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of a wide variety of fabricated stone countertops.

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