The Qualities of Quartz Countertops

The quartz countertop option hasn’t been around for quite as long as other options in the kitchen and bathroom countertop world. However, it is quickly growing in popularity because quartz has many benefits that set it apart from other natural stone options such as granite.

quartz counter

What makes Quartz Countertops so Appealing

Quartz is an engineered stone, and because it is human-made, it comes in very wide-array of colors. Because quartz is manufactured, the color and tones of the countertops are very rich and unlike that which you can find in natural stones and are very appealing.

With Quartz, you can enjoy the same durability of granite, but quartz is known to be more flexible and will not chip or crack as granite may. Also, quartz is not porous, and spills and bacteria are not an issue like they are on granite and other natural stone materials which are more porous and require sealing.

Quartz is very low maintenance and will support the busy lifestyle and a busy kitchen while giving your kitchen a great look and feel.

Weaknesses of Quartz Countertops

When it comes to the disadvantages of quartz countertops, quartz is not quite as heat resistant as their natural stone counterparts, so ensuring that you are aware and use protection when cooking and using hot tools in the bathroom is essential.

The price of quartz countertops is comparable to natural stone countertops, which can be concerning to some, but the durability and the look of the product are what you are paying for. Quartz is a quality product and comes sealed with no need to maintain.

Sink options can be limited with a quartz countertop. Flush-mount, drop-in and under-mount sinks are used with quartz countertops, and using the incorrect sink could cause the entire countertop to crack and need replacement.

Are Quartz Countertops Right for you?

If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to granite, then quartz might be the best countertop option for you.  Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed and can take a little more wear and tear then granite.

Whatever countertops you decide on make sure you use the proper cleaning products designed for your particular countertop surface to extend their life. In addition, perform more research on other countertop options so that you can feel confident that you made the best decision for your kitchen space.

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